The Mother as she appears in-game.

The Mother is the main antagonist seen at both the end and beginning of the game. She is the mother of The Toddler-Dis Gierczak. She has an obvious drinking issue and starts to morph into a monster in the eyes of her child.

Personality Edit

Based on the beginning interactions, she seems to be a doting mother. She presents herself as cheerful and affectionate, hiding her growing depression from her child. Whenever she's drunk or hungover, she becomes angry and is easily frustrated, leading to her becoming abusive towards her child. By the end, she seems to have realized it and is remorseful for her actions.

Personal Life Edit

Not much is known about her, but she wears a blue shirt. (with a wine stain), has brown hair and green eyes. She also wears an amulet for a necklace, which is one of The Toddler's Memories.

Throughout playing the game you will find various beer and whiskey bottles near the ending part of the game which leads to the conclusion of the mother's abuse against The Toddler. For instance, in one section in the living room scene at the beginning, you have the option to open a cabinet full of whiskey bottles; one of which is fallen on it side. Shortly after this you find wine stains and broken glass indicating she may have had a drunken fit.

She seems to have a drinking problem which leads to temporary depression, and frightens the child, becoming a monster in the toddler’s eyes.

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