DameriawilliamsDa!eria =====In Among the Sleep, the story begins with you (as a two year old) and your mother celebrating you 2nd Birthday. A knock is heard, and you mother answers. After distorted yelling, and the mother apparently shouting "NO!", she brings a present. The present, later revealed to be from the divorced father, is a talking teddy bear named Teddy. Throughout the game, the child is tormented by shadow beings. Through scary forests, playgrounds, and buildings, you must solve puzzles, and collect four memories, all while outsmarting and outrunning monsters. After the fourth memory is collected, the child is about to escape, but a shadow monster captures Teddy, rips the arm off, and you plummet into an abyss. As you follow lights after acquiring Teddy's arm, you hear arguing and see visions. The arguing is from the parents fighting, and the visons show the mother becoming the shadow monsters after drinking wine. Later, the child approaches the mother, back in his home. She is surrounded by wine bottles, holding Teddy, and crying. The recurring wine bottles in the previous areas now make sense: the mother is an alcoholic, and the wine makes her become the shadow monsters that were tormenting the child. She smacks the child, apologizes, and resumes crying. The child takes Teddy, wanders outside, and is happily greeted by a male voice, who is believed to be the father. The "Father" happily promises to fix Teddy and gains custody of the child, living happily ever after.=====