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The Prologue DLC was first confirmed by one of the developers in a Steam discussion and is currently available as a free download. As its name suggests, the new area functions as a prologue to the story and involved the Toddler searching for and retrieving 5 toys while avoiding a monster roaming the halls, and a living boiler.

The monster starts showing up just after he finds his first toy and goes downstairs. It is usually looking around the corner with the characteristic white eyes that the other monsters have. the boy knows it is near is the characteristic fuzzing of the screen, starting to sniff heavily, and a strange whispering voice.

  • There is a chance that this DLC is a prequel to the original game.

References:1 The boiler monster is a reminder of the furnace from the film "home alone", where Kevin was in the basement thinking it might be alive but it was from his imagination.2 the reason why the house is filled with piles and piles of snow might be a reference to another film "krampus" or that the boy and his mother were moving, so maybe the mother didn't bother to close the Windows.3 Given the simplified mind of a toddler, the protagonist is imagining his alcoholic mother as a monster which is preventing him from 'saving' his toys. ninth comment

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